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Topo Certificações EDS

EXTREME DIGITAL SOLUTIONS works daily to promote a new way of technological business management. It operates in this market to make companies grow, produce and sell at the highest possible level of excellence, for this, seeks to acquire the most demanding certifications in the market, which you can check below.

Great Place To Work

For the second consecutive year (2018/2019), we are certified in the GPTWProgram, created to recognize companies that value people. GpTW’s main goal is to build a better society, transforming each organization into a Great Place to Work.

We are among the 25 best companies to work in the Technology sector of the state of Rio de Janeiro in the 2018 ranking. See more…

Together, we’re better!

Certificado MPT BR Nível 3


EDS has certification MPT.Br (Test Process Improvement model) level 3 that proves to customers and the market, the company’s excellence in the testing management process, ensuring maturity, efficiency and quality of product and service deliveries.

Certificado CMMI Dev 3


We also have cmmi dev ML 3 international certification for the software and application development process, validating the maturity level of the company’s defined and standardized processes.

We deliver agile and quality processes!